[40K] Space Wolves: Haakon’s Intercessor Pack

The first army that I ever collected were the Space Wolves.

It was the early nineties, miniatures were prominently made of pewter with plastic arms and despite the setting being so grimdark, everything was brightly coloured. Into this arena stepped the 2nd Edition Space Wolves Codex… and I fell in love.

The wolves motif, the tribal barbarism and fetishes along with the beards and braids had me sold. While other armies came and went over the years, the Sons of Russ were always my first and favourite child.

The Primaris release has given me the chance to reinvent my Space Wolves army from times past with a scheme that fits more closely with the 2nd Edition style rather than the over the top look that GW took with the Chapter in later editions.

Once again, thanks for looking!


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  1. You’ve done a great job of capturing that 2nd edition style. The sergeant in particular (named after the William King sgt?) reminds me of the one in the 2nd edition Blood Claws pack. I really like the pack markings as well. You’ve done a fantastic paint job on these. Very clean and so it makes the battle damage stand out really well. Was redirected from B&C and when I saw that codex at the top of the post it confirmed my suspicions you were doing a 2nd edition style on primaris, very effective and something I’m considering giving a go. I’ve never been able to replicate that original colour though, that is what hooked me all those years ago.

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    1. Ran says:

      Thanks Krakendoomcool! The Sergeant was named after a character in one of the short stories in the back of the 2nd Ed. Codex – a Sergeant Haakon who unfortunately comes off second best in combat against a Carnifex. The painting style was inspired by the approach of 2nd Ed. Eavy Metal team and the work of Kym Sybil – someone that I wish I had half the talent of!


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