[Necromunda] Hired Gun: Hive Scum

After an absence of nearly twenty years, I’m delving back into the seedy depths of the Underhive! First miniature on the hit-list is a kitbashed Scummer.

Using one of the Delaque gangers as a base – mostly because of the western-style duster – I’ve gone with the classic gunslinger motif.

Parts used included: Delaque torso & legs, Orlock arms and stub guns, Delaque autogun, Imperial Guard backpack, a head from Anvil Industries Long Hair Head pack and a Muzzle Flash – Small. Unfortunately, the little rat didn’t make the final draft. 😦

Painting the light tan Duster was particularly challenging when it came to the blending – while I don’t think I quite pulled it off, it’s not too bad. Next time I might just use the airbrush.

Thanks for looking!


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